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In "Purchase on the Straight Arrow," if the ranger is talking to Hank regarding the missing whooping crane, a hippie chick could be noticed crawling away from Boomhauer's tent.

invoked Yet another has a little Values Dissonance, if the friend of a very-permissive father refers to him as "Ronald Reagan" inside of a pejorative feeling:

Some supporting people had been killed off. The primary to go was Buckley,Observe Who was the only casualty in the Mega Lo Mart explosion. followed by Buck Strickland's mistress Debbie Grund,note Who was imagined to have been shot to death in the midst of the intercourse scandal, but truly accidentally killed herself because she tried to equilibrium a loaded shotgun with the protection off plus a basket of nachos in her palms even though looking to hide within a dumpster.

to Ken Hayashi, A different actor, and starts to doubt what he is nice at. He generally imagined that performing was his "issue." With the behest of Peggy, Hank requires him towards the flea industry to locate a thing new, if possible one thing Hank would approve of.

Medication Tampering: Bobby attempts to get Despite Luanne when her then boyfriend throws a celebration at Boomhauer's home which he was house-sitting.

Hank, getting an Icy-Sizzling backrub, freaking out and pulling on his shirt when Bobby walks to the space, despite currently being entirely dressed with the midsection down.

Buck has gotten away with unlawful functions numerous periods. He is wager branches of his organization and workers

considering that he wouldn't have the capacity to produce a financial gain that way. It really is only via some shenanigans on Lucky, Hank, and Dale's part that they're capable of get him to back again down.

Hank's enjoy of propane to The purpose of him affectionately calling it "Girl Propane" in a number of episodes. In "Sug Night time", it is nearly implied that he contains a fetish for it.

Do Improper, Suitable: Hank catches Bobby smoking and punishes him by making him smoke The full carton until eventually he pukes. But during the punishment, he also feels compelled to proper Bobby's smoking procedure: "What ever you are doing it is best to do correct, regardless of whether It is really a thing Incorrect."

Crazy No Far more: Though on a trip on the lake, Boomhauer falls asleep in an interior tube and floats downstream to your bridge in the city Middle. His speech sample and his bathing go well with get him involuntarily devoted to a hospital to get a psych evaluation. Much too humiliated to contact Hank, he phone calls Dale to help him out. Dale bribes a individual to receive in... and will't get out, so he calls Invoice, who voluntarily commits himself after examining a more info pamphlet.

Cotton's wartime provider, while several of it is actually closely implied to become lies and senility like claiming to are in Münich on April thirty and Okinawa on May possibly 2.

Jimmy Wichard, the concession manager with the Arlen Speedway, who abuses Bobby (and illegal medications, potentially), even ordering him to operate through the keep track of through a race

experienced being an antagonist a smug and fully idiotic Social Solutions agent that planned to take Bobby absent without accomplishing the correct investigation about his residence everyday living (and acquired fired by his superior, who did

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